Our Founders

Drs. Howard and Georgeanna Jones

Drs. Jones trained hundreds of physicians in assisted reproductive technology. Their academic and clinical instruction contributed to more than a quarter of a million IVF births in the United States, including over 4000 babies born as a result of treatment at the Jones Institute.

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2022 Grant Opportunity Now Open

The Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation for Reproductive Medicine in partnership with The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) invites submission of application for its Investigative Scientist Award in Reproductive Medicine Research.  This annual award will total $50,000 for a two-year study period. The purpose of this grant is to support an innovative research project dedicated to improving the assisted reproductive technology technique of in vitro fertilization.

The applicant must demonstrate a strong career goal within the field of Reproductive Medicine and must be dedicated to the advancement of assisted reproductive technology techniques, specifically in vitro fertilization. The research must be focused on new discoveries in the basic or translational medical sciences that impact the treatment and understanding of in vitro fertilization. All sources of funding must be disclosed by the awardee.

Award: An award, not to exceed $50,000, will be made April 2022. One year of additional funding may be requested upon receipt and review of a progress report and application with justification or updated aims.

For more information and to apply please visit: ASRM/Research Institute at this address https://www.asrmresearch.org/rfp/jones-foundation-grant.