Our Story

Elizabeth Carr’s birth in 1981 was an historic landmark in reproductive history, but just the beginning of the extraordinary and groundbreaking work at the Institute.

The field of assisted reproductive technologies expanded to include ISCI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis), GIFT (gamete intrafallopian transfer), donor egg programs and surrogacy. Technology exploded in the 1980’s and 90’s, and the Institute remained on the cutting edge, making impressive strides in translational medical research, and becoming one the leading scientific research centers in the world in reproductive medicine

As in vitro fertilization evolved, so did the Howard and Georgeanna Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia, formally named for its founders in 1983. Two years later, to assist with financial and advisory support of the Institute’s endeavors, the Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation for Reproductive Medicine was created. While that Foundation is no longer exclusively affiliated with the Jones Institute, it continues to sponsor Institute research and educational projects.





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